Best practice for post "apply changes" hook?

I’d love to add a few sed commands to i.e. alter phone configs after they are overwritten by “apply changes”. Doing that with entr seems a little over the top, as other people would have a hard time figuring out why a certain handmade change just never appears in the file…:wink:

So what is best practice to do this? I assume one could hook in with fwconsole as described in though that would tie it to a specific module, again hard to understand for people.

Is there a better / more intuitive way? Maybe somewhere in Endpoint Manager?


What changes are you making to the file?

I assume you would want to do it from basefile edit

Need to know what files you’re talking about. Apply Config doesn’t touch phone configs generated by epm.

I already considered Basefile Edit, but the configs in

/etc/asterisk/dpma/phone_configs or /tftpboot

are not in included. Hence I thought about a few sed commands after epm ran

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