Best place to locate a python routine called from a dialplan

FreePBX 13

Quick question: Where is the best (most logical) place to locate (i.e. directory) a python routine called from a dialplan with the TrySystem command so that it gets backed up with the freePBX backup routines?

I’ve put it in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/ but I’ve read that is not backed up.


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You can put it anywhere, but give the asterisk user permission to access it. Then in the Backup and Restore module, set up or edit your existing backup and add that location in the Custom Files field.


Many thanks Bill for responding. Very helpful.

I created a directory /var/lib/asterisk/user and added that to my backup profiles - I forgot they could be added to having set them up sometime ago with the defaults.

Actually my version of FreePBX does not have Custom Files field but an entry called Items and new paths/files added by clicking the “+”


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