Best place to (easily) find module release notes.?

I have been blindly applying updates such as:

There are 3 modules available for online upgrades
framework (current:
directory (current:
core (current:

and I always wonder what changes have been made. Is there a better/easier way than looking at source?

Thank Bob

When you are in Module Admin after checking for updates:

Click on Changelog,

from there you will see the changelog going back several versions, the current one at the top. Usually there is nothing but ticket numbers. Just click on any of the ticket numbers and it will take you to the trac ticket related to that change in a new tab or window. The trac ticket will almost always have a direct link to any code changes sets that were part of fixing that ticket.

You should also be aware that within a release, we never add new features (with very few exceptions). The updates are almost all just bug fixes or sometimes security patches.

if you want to make sure you see everything (which the above usually does), you can do an svn log on the module going back to the last time it was published (which will be obvious from the svn publish log entry).