Best phones for Rest Apps (API)

We are using AAstra 6730i / 6731i phones, these do not support much of the REST API apps.

These phones are slowly coming to the end of their life and would appreciated knowing which phones would be good to migrate over to.

We are a charity so not looking for expensive handsets.

We do use custom rings so would be good to keep this facility

Sangoma phones, Digium D Series phones, Mitel/Aastra 6800 series phones, and Yealink phones.

Personally I use the Mitel 6800 series phones for the majority of my clients… however when it comes to custom rings, there is no support for changing the ringtone per type of call between FreePBX and Mitel phones. So the only way I’ve approached this is changing the cadence of rings for different kinds of inbound calls. Then individuals that sit next to each other can change the ringtones for all “normal” calls on the phones themselves. I haven’t explored this with the other brands that support Phone Apps.

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