Best path to upgrade FreePBX

We have FreePBX running on old hardware. It says we can upgrade it to the latest version 12. I know the latest version is SNG7 v14. We’d like to end up having FreePBX running as a VM in our WMWare environment. What would be the best upgrade path? I’m sure this has been done many times before so some pointers to anything already written would be greatly appreciated. What would be the best setup of the VM? Have plenty of CPUs, Memory, and drive space available on host

Possible scenarios I’ve looked at;

Scenario 1 - Upgrade Phys 2.11 to 12, virtualize, then upgrade VM to latest
Scenario 2 - Upgrade Phys 2.11 to 12, then upgrade to latest, and virtualize
Scenario 3 - Virtualize 2.11, upgrade to 12, then upgrade to latest
Scenario 4 - Setup VM of latest SG7 v14, then import settings and such from phys (I assume it will need to be upgraded first)

I vote for 4. Use this script to convert:

then check out this thread for manual cleanup:

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