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I’m having some trouble finding an iOS softphone that can function like the stock phone app. They either don’t start on boot, or don’t ring properly if muted or not in focus. I’ve tried Zoiper, GSWave, and linphone. None of them seem to do the simple task of not requiring me to start the app after booting, and ringing like a normal phone call. By that, I mean that if the phone is off, it may only buzz once. Or maybe you can’t answer it without unlocking the phone first, or maybe if you leave the app, it won’t ring at all. I’m sure there’s a solution. Maybe I’m just not using these apps properly. I haven’t tried bria yet. I would rather not have to pay for the app, but if it’s necessary, I’ll probably end up biting the bullet. Any suggestions?

We swear by Bria. Never locks, easily transitions between WiFi and lte, and just al around works. $1/month or $10/yr.

it’s better to use android phone if using VOIP often because ISO would kill all VOIP apps when iphone in deep-sleep.

tested zoiper, sipcsimple, lingphone, all has same problem in IPHONE, but works well in android.

Power management principles are similar on Android as it is with iOS. Your VoIP experience will be the same between both if your provider supports push notifications. I assume you mean “Apple” not “ISO” but they don’t kill VoIP apps when iphone in deep-sleep. Apps cant run in the background for more than 10 minutes but you get around that with push notifications and if you are in an active call it won’t kill anything.

Would you really want a VoIP app running 24/7 on your android device? How often do you think you’d have to keep charging it?

Bria is fantastic if you want to control when you want to receive phone calls vs when you want to be done for the day

Acrobits is great if you want to receive calls 24/7 no matter what, even if the app is closed. They store your sip credentials on their server and push out the calls to you.

I vote for Bria,

I was running X-Lite on OS X for a few years but even upgraded my desktop app to Bria 5. So now I’ve got Bria for iOS and Bria for OS X. Plus I had a client today download Bria for Android.

I will definitely give Bria a try. I’m not excited about the cost though, since we’d like to offer this to a lot of people. We can maybe give this as an option, if they are willing to pay for it.

You could try SessionTalk, it supports Push ( incoming calls whilst app is closed )

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