Best hardware for freePBX with Asterisk

Hi there,

What is the recommended system specs for freePBX with asterisk?

What is the best way to integrate with POTS? I have looked at the X100P PCI cards and also some FXO gateways. I am looking for a good balance between quality and cost.

I am, at the moment, looking to be able to handle at least 4 pot lines.

I really appreciate any feedback or advice anyone can give me.

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x100p’s have not been supported for about 2 years and are junk.

Look at a n Openvox 4 port card on the low end or a Sangoma if you want quality.

I am very partial to HP gear. The DL series computers are extremely well supported with Linux drivers and other utilities. The DL360 Generation 4’s are practically free on eBay. Always use new drives.

Always use new hard drives?