Best FXO card?

I have two analog phone lines and really need to upgrade from these piece of crap X100P cards.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The ones I’ve been looking at are the Sangoma A200, Digium TDM410P, and the Rhino R4FXO-EC. Is there any reason I should choose one over the other?

Money is definitely a factor and I want a relatively cheap price without getting a cheap card, if possible. I heard Sangoma was the cadillac of these cards, but would like some input.


I personally use Rhino card, reason for this is that I get good free support a very good price as reseller and they come standaard with hardware echo cancelation. I have also tested the TDM 410P and they are more plug and play for asterisk. The sangoma one’s works also very good but sangoma is the most expensive one, but a very great setup utility expesially the E1/T1 cards.