(Matthew Fredrickson) #1

Benvenuto nel Forum di FreePBX in Italiano.

Questa categoria è stata creata per supportare tutti gli utenti di FreePBX di lingua italiana, poiché riteniamo che la lingua non debba essere una barriera per rendere FreePBX la migliore comunità VoIP.

Tutte le vostre domande sono benvenute.

Di seguito il Messggio di Benvenuto al forum del nostro Matt - FreePBX Project Lead

Hey All,

This is a category for Italian language posts. Feel free to ping @dsmaldone for any concerns or issues.

Matthew Fredrickson


Hello Matt,
This is good news.
I am a novice, and I will need much help initially. Being able to ask questions and reflections in one’s language is certainly very useful.
Sorry, if I have not understood correctly, can I also write you in Italian?
Sincere thanks.
At this point, if allowed, I would use this post to check how many of us are in the Italian community.
Again my thanks.
Soon I will write my contributions, which initially, I’m sorry, will mainly be help questions, but also some reports of possible bugs.
I’m currently a user, perhaps better to say an experimenter, of FreePBX on Raspberry Pi4.
Thank you so much