Bell Single Number reach alternative provider(ring group call hunt)

I setup asterisk phone systems using our local phone companies service called single number reach.

It works good you setup your computer with asterisk/ freepbx and you gather a bunch of providers and you get the best of both worlds

a business phone number thats fairly stable that rings through to 5 different providers then worst case a backup pstn line then possibly a cell or fax line…

it first started off pretty good a $14.95 service… we tested it and where able to do like 4-5 simultaneous calls through it… (not bad and cheap for a web interface ring hunt service.) Recently they been having issues and slowly upgrading it and raising the cost… (they limited to passing only 3 calls recently) its up to $19.95 last I checked my bill this month… I am starting to think I could find a voip provider that will do this for me (for same cost) and give me mins… I figure vonage does… but 3 hours on hold 5 people later finnaly a second level support gave me the feeling if I can run there service on my setup with a vphone… they sorta I hear not support what I want anyway… (hunt group for internal numbers only and forward to one outside line!) based on the soft phone works with asterisks

I know USA company verison has a feature… but I am canadian… Does anyone know a provider for roughly $20 a month CAD or USD can provide a service like that that has the backbone to actualy be up if something goes wrong.

I called primus and allstream… and well bell I have… sorta need a alternative… just shooting the question out there… Telus I have called a few months back and do not have anything and they don’t support Ontario as much … sorta Bell Canada territory

there has to be some othere service providers that could move a ajax ontario canada number over!

Anyone? know of anything…

Bell just raised their prices again! I think SNR is great improvement over Prime Line, but the cost is now almost like having a 2nd business line. We’re now evaluating which seem to offer a comparable product to SNR with lower price, check them out.

I’ve been using SNR for the last 1.5 years, and it’s just too limited and costly.

Very curious to know how your experience with voicemailtel was?