Before RTP timeout - route call to ring group

Our RTP timeout is set to 300. Obviously, if someone puts a call on HOLD, eventually it will ring back to them. (And I realize that’s more a setting of the phone than the PBX.)

On more than one occasion, users have put someone on hold, gotten busy, disregarded the ringback and the call gets dropped after 300 seconds. Is there any way to configure the system to ring a RING GROUP with that call before it drops it?

You can with call park, but callback on hold is a feature of the phone and I’m not certain of a way to change it specific to FreePBX.

Kind of a ‘human engineering’ problem wouldn’t you agree, hard to hard-code that because unlike software, Humans are not predictable

So if I increased the RTP timeout - would that effect something else adversely? Obviously, calls would hold longer, but I don’t want to screw something else up.

You won’t clear calls as fast if they ended during a network outage.

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