Beep/Sound on Attended Transfer


Been a reader of the forums for a while but first time posting. We moved away from our old Samsung OfficeServ system back in October and have been extrememly pleased with FreePBX. Even though our OfficeServ wasn’t that old relatively speaking we are enjoying all of the added features!

The only thing that users miss from our old phone system is the little beep that occured during an attended transfer when the person originally taking the call completes the transfer.

As our reception team press the transfer button so that we don’t get deafened by the handset being replaced, unless the caller is working in a noisy environment it’s difficult to tell when the transfer has been completed so there’s often an awkward silence whilst you’re trying to work out whether the transfer is completed or not.

Is there any way to replicate this in FreePBX as it is the only missing piece of the puzzle.

Keep up the excellent work!

yes i’m also interested in the same thing, how can we add some kind of a light or quick beep to notify the person who’s receiving the transfer, that the transfer has been completed?