Basic install guide, tutorial

After browing for almost an hour on and it seemed to be that i was not able to find any document where someone had gone through step by step instructions for installing freepbx on fresh asterisk.

So if someone has gone through the learning phase of first installing Linux OS (FC4/FC5 in my case) and then installed Asterisk/ZAptel/Libpri/Sounds from scatch, and now they want to install freepbx/FOP/hudlight to get started with using asterisk, where do they look?

There are ‘some’ blurbs under ‘installation’ section of, but really, with sooo many detailed guides on installing asterisk, trixbox, FC4 - I guess I am kind of spoiled and expected a (or 2) semi-comprehensive guide to installing and getting started with Freepbx.

thanks for listening. and helping if you can.
once/if i get things to work, I will sure contribute to adding another comprehensive guide.

after following instructions on:

all instllation related steps completed just fine. I am closing this thread and if there are problems during the run, will start new flag.

I guess one advantage of using FC4 (complete installation) was that all packages listed (gcc libxml2-devel libtiff-devel mysql-server php-gd php-mysql kernel-devel bison ncurses-devel audiofile-devel subversion libogg-devel openssl-devel) already came preinstalled and only had to be configured.

This is a huge help as far as beginners with Linux are concerned.


i’ve you seen you very active on several asterisk/voip forums. since you seem to prefer centos so much, I feel I will go with centos and remove FC4.

Now, can you please do a favor, point to guide(s) to walk us through
0-why you feel so strongly about centOS for asterisk-from-scratch? which version?
1-installation of cent-os in dual boot environment (GRUB loader option in FC4)

I think instruction for asterisk on centos is actually widely available.

regards (and respect)

FC - we just had more postivie reviews for FC4+Asterisk then other combinations. If there are good tutorials on doing it with other OS, we can give it a shot.

would it make big difference as far as installation/working of freepbx is concerned.

But in any case, I am sure that are detailed instructions out there on installing freepbx on freshly installed asterisk. please help me find those?


Have you looked at this??
It is about all you really need.

Is this not working for you?

Why FC
Use Centos

even for FC use the Centos install

I have a .tar (BETA) at

all it wants is a MIN install of cenots 4.3 / 4.4

NO MYSQL / PHP / HTTPD installed just the CUSTOM MIN Install
should be install before the install is run.

the install scripts are right there for you
but the install is just the samething u see at the lnks you posted