Banning current caller from IVR

I am running a FreePBX 15 server, with the following scenario, sorry if it’s a bit long but it needs explanation.

  • The server belongs to a medical centre. A specific type of appointment for former COVID-19 positive patients requires several informations from the patient before it can be booked, and it would take too long to do it on the phone.
  • The caller dials the phone number, and will hear an IVR, it will then select 2 for that specific type of appointment for COVID patients.
  • An annoucement will play saying that it can only be booked via email after the relevant info has been supplied. Stubborn callers will often hang up, dial again and select another key to talk to an agent, making the agent loose time (and patiente), because, as said, the appointment cannot be booked on the phone.

This part is already set up, what I would like to do is the following:

  • when the caller dials 2, which means they have resulted positive to COVID, they should be blacklisted or something, so that, should they dial again, they should hear something saying that their appointment can only be booked via email, so that they cannot talk to an agent.

I know that there is a Blacklist module, but numbers need to be added manually, is there a way to blacklist future calls automatically?

Thank you, I hope that was clear enough

You could modify the project described here for this: Of Robocalls and Whitelists

Thank you very much for your response, however I am afraid that I lack the needed competences to modify your project for my needs. I was hoping that there would be some easier solution.

So I wrote this for Chris at @Crosstalk to use in a youtube contest he was running. It adds a destination that blacklists people. Essentially it does exactly what you want. People had one try to go down an IVR tree and if they lost they were added to the blacklist so they couldn’t retry (unless they used a different number)


Thank you!

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