DDoS outage the case for 2 inbound tier-one carriers

For me it’s like saying I want 2 ISPs, you can call it dual Upstream redundancy, if you’re using AWS they’ll offer you a multi-region option

Getting dual ‘downstream’ redundancy for a ‘phone number’ is apparently a lot harder these days :slight_smile:

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Flowroute, a BCM One Company, Launches New HyperNetwork with Upgraded Features

Enhanced Service Delivers Unprecedented Resiliency and Redundancy for Enterprises

NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 15, 2023 – Flowroute, a BCM One Company and a self-service SIP Trunking and SMS platform, announced upgrades to its HyperNetwork service. The Flowroute HyperNetwork™ creates redundant inbound call paths to increase voice resiliency for enterprise organizations. HyperNetwork is the only solution in the U.S. available for increasing the resiliency of inbound DIDs.

HyperNetwork helps mitigate outage time by detecting upstream network impairments and quickly rerouting DID voice traffic around them to successfully complete inbound calls. Historically, in the U.S, the only way to address outages—especially for mission-critical inbound calls—was to port numbers, which could take days. Because HyperNetwork dynamically changes the routing of telephone numbers, calls arrive over a different path than the one originally assigned.

“The ability to receive inbound calls is mission-critical for many organizations, and an outage that stretches into multiple days can have catastrophic results,” stated David Anandraj, Manager of Product Management at Flowroute. “Inbound resiliency or redundancy can have significant and far-reaching consequences in certain use cases. With the latest upgrades to HyperNetwork, which is exclusively available from Flowroute, they can now mitigate that risk.”

Flowroute serves enterprise customers that run mission-critical voice applications—contact centers, CPaaS, and on-premises or virtualized PBX systems—and want full control via an advanced web portal or through API access. The HyperNetwork service, which covers nearly 80% of the US population and comes with a contractual SLA that includes response and restore times, is currently available.

I don’t see why any other carrier wouldn’t be able to do the same if Flowroute has inbound redundancy and I don’t understand how this is proprietary patented technology, and why this is not industry standard, I would love to hear more from Telecom experts here, I got a meeting scheduled with an engineer to discuss this feature does anyone have any good questions for them

Please don’t resurrect 3 year old dead posts.

the reason why it’s relevant is for 3 years this problem wasn’t solved there was no solution for inbound redundancy for the same number now this provider claims they have a solution, and from the face of it it looks game changing

I tried searching and I could not find the patent for Flowroute

fine I’m creating a new post