DDoS outage the case for 2 inbound tier-one carriers

Like people configure 2 DNS entries and for example and have multi-wan failover and High availability virtual servers, it is highly important to have inbound call redundancy for example the toll free number by Telnyx and the local number by flowroute, and not to use smaller providers which are not actual carriers and smaller providers might use the same carrier Upstream not giving you any redundancy, because the only way to fix a total inbound outage is to Port your number, both of these carriers telnyx and flowroute have FreePBX documentation and good support, and have Fortune 500 customers, and the bigger the more resources they have to respond to the modern-day challenges

Uhm, what? Bandwidth is the largest VoIP carrier in the US. They sit at the same table as ATT, Verizon, West (Flowroute’s parent), Telnyx and other ILEC/CLECs. They have fortune 500 customers and the resources to deal with what happened to them.

I’m not sure what this post is supposed to mean.

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Aside from his blatant wrongness about Bandwidth’s size, it means nothing because he is trying to compare it to a secondary internet connection and that is not how the PSTN works.

Oh, I know. There have been quite a few of these posts/talks happening in the last 10 days and people have a hard time comprehending.

Very simple if you had your local number by telnyx and your 800 number by bandwidth you would not be completely out for a few days because one phone number would still work

And you actually think customers will bother to go look up a different phone number than the one they already have saved? Not something I have seen in reality. Sure a few might, but not most.

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I’ve seen a lot of big companies listing a local number and a toll-free number on their website that’s very normal, and it’s very easy to update the email signature and business card, you’ll have an immediate ROI with one outage, and the job of a consultant is to advise a client of current risks and come up with Solutions and this is the best option in my humble opinion, if you have a better option I would love to hear it

What about the little companies? You know why people used Toll Free, right? I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the name. There was a time when calling across the country or even to certain parts of your own state it cost you usage charges so Toll Free allowed the caller to reach you without, wait for it…toll charges because the company assumed the charges, not the caller.

So A) not every business needs a toll free and B) not every business wants to pay for the usage of the caller.

In reality the toll-free rates are so cheap with the big sip providers that a multi-day outage is much more expensive, look I’m just putting this option in front of company management a lot of them like the idea, especially the companies that are already paying for redundancy in there other infrastructure, if you have better options I would love to hear it

So just to play devil’s advocate here. On Monday both Bandwidth and Telnyx experienced partial outages in their networks. So how does that work out in your plan?

In fact, over the last 48 hours at least three Tier 1 carriers suffered partial outages in their network during the same time windows*. Just want to make sure that is being accounted for here.

Oh wait, four. I forgot about Level 3.

Why do you think a lot of companies have multi-wan failover what if both providers fail or what if the UPS and the power company fail, you can’t prevent everything but you can significantly reduce risk

Which three telnyx no outage they are multi-cloud

Bandwidth, Telnyx, Verizon, Level 3. There were four actually. All of them had issues on their networks over the last 48 hours. In most cases overlapping with each other.

Currently, Verizon to Bandwidth calls are having issues connecting.

Telnyx posted it themselves. I guess they were wrong?

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This has zero to do with what I said. Customers will call the number that google shows or the number already saved in their phone. That is it. It does not matter if you have multiple numbers listed.

Not really a full-blown multi-day outage, this further proves my point that backup is important

You mean how what has happened with Bandwidth hasn’t been a full blown outage either? Do you really think Bandwidth isn’t mutli-homed? It is being speculated that part of what they did on Monday was drop all their BGP except to NTT who has the pipe andd mitigation tools for this.

It’s not that hard to have two numbers in Google my business just put it in the photo, when people are not going to be able to reach you the first thing they will look on your website and on Google, it’ll be a way better situation then not having a backup, and the rest you can supplement with an email update, according to you why should people use Raid all the hard drives can fail, or the UPS and the utility company can fail?

All you’re saying til now is not to have a backup at all and just to give up but that’s not a solution

I never said anything of the sort. I said customers don’t call anything except the first number. Again, I said a few would look for a secondary number, but not most. It is not a thing customers do.