API Integration

Does anyone have any experience in using the API to place and receive calls with a FreePBX system?

I am interested in using the platform here:

If you do, would you be willing to share the code and settings? Or help me configure my machine to work with the API?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

I work over at Bandwidth in the developer education dept. I’d be happy to help you out.

Take a look at our new documentation page at (look for full api reference on left for some specific code examples for things like, send text message, create call, etc…)

For more advanced tutorials, we have a good selection of functional demos at github:

Let me know if you need any help with anything.


Hi Dan! I thought that I had this resolved and someone would configure it for me but alas no luck. I would love to see a tutorial that shows the Bandwidth API code to send a call to a FreePBX installation and one that shows how to make one from that installation. My tinkering has not worked.

Anyone have any luck with this? Dan can you help?

Hi beau, can you describe what you’re trying to accomplish by using their API? Especially in contrast to using just their SIP trunks ( )?

If you’re looking to programatically create or control calls between an extension on your FreePBX/Asterisk server and use Bandwidth’s SIP Trunks for the connectivity and use the Asterisk API to create calls, etc. You can use either the AMI or the ARI: .

The SIP trunks are vastly more expensive than just using the API. I simply want to make and receive calls using only the API. Not the trunks.

It can be done. I can do it on Plivo. Plivo is using The interface is very similar. I just can’t seem to comprehend it which is why I am looking for some guidance.