Bad Destinations

I have critical errors showing on my Dashboard saying there are 14 bad destinations then listing them with the top one being Dest Status: Orphan. Under that are several that say "Follow-Me:xxx (extension number). Further down it shows those same extensions listed as "Exten: name of ext (xxx)

I’ve looked at the follow me settings for each of these users and I don’t see anything out of place. I’ve tried turning off the enable follow me to see if that had any effect, but it does not. I’ve searched for Queues and Ringgroups that have all these extensions, but found none.

How do I find where these destinations are being routed from?

Not sure if it’s important, but I had an inbound route that suddenly didn’t work too. The call would ring to the right place and the other party could hear us, but we could not hear them. Tried all sorts of things but could not resolve it. Deleted the route and entered it again with the same settings and it worked. Both the route issue and these bad destinations started at the same time which is why I wonder if they are related.

It seems like I should resolve this before I do the upgrade to the new version of FreeBPX.

I’m on PBX 14.0.11 with Asterisk 13.22.0

Have you done any updates or changes recently before getting this notifications on the dashboard?

It could be better if you take the snapshot of notifications

Also, check what it is showing for the “Optional destinations” under the Advanced tab of any one extensions (extension showing on dashboard warning)

A “Bad Destination” is a dialplan destination that is not registered with FreePBX. So if I modify the FollowMe table to have my post destination that points to a custom context I wrote but didn’t add that custom context to Custom Destinations, Misc Desc, etc. then FreePBX doesn’t know it really exists and considers it bad.

That also could result in changing Custom Destinations or removing something that it thinks should be there.

Found it!

Since this employee was terminated I had disabled their voicemail. This then breaks the system.

I found it thanks to your question about checking the “Optional destinations” under the advanced tab when I saw the voicemail listed. When I re-enable voicemail all the critical errors go away.

Thank you!

This didn’t break the system. It made any destinations set directly to that voicemail account invalid. All you would do at this point is update those destinations to valid destination. You don’t need to re-enable the voicemail as the fix.

I see what you’re saying. It created the critical errors but my saying it broke the system was probably too harsh. Re-enabling the VM fixed the problem which was my clue as to what the issue was. In the end, I changed the destination to someone else’s VM since I don’t want customer calls to go unaswered.

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