"bad destinations" after restore from other server

I had some difficulty restoring a backup from another server onto the server that should be its replacement. Once I got excellent help (see: Unknown column 'reversal' in 'field list'), I was finally able to restore AND have a usable system afterwards!

Now, I see in the dashboard that I’m getting some notices. In the System Overview of the Dashboard I see that I have 79 bad destinations. They’re referencing IVR options, which themselves point to conferences. Those conferences work however. Is this something to be ignored or am I facing a problem I’m not aware of?

Anybody have an idea?

I see that the conference app was automatically changed. Could that lead to the bad destinations I’m seeing?

After adding a column (language) to my meetme table in the asterisk db, those bad destinations went away. I had 2 remaining due to a module that’s not installed on the new server (but expected based on the backup).