Backups Not Running After Reboot

We lost power a couple of times recently and I noticed the next week that the automatic backups weren’t running.

The config looked fine, so I ran a backup manually and the automatic backups appear to have restarted.

Is this normal? It is not a big deal, but if I have something wrong in the settings, I like to fix it.


You are more than a little short in ‘details’

Sorry, I didn’t do any real investigation because it started working.

I am a lawyer, not a phone guy or a tech guy, who started with Trixbox almost 20 years ago and FreePBX is frankly so easy and reliable that I have no idea how it really works under the hood. (My eternal gratitude to you all for that, by the way)

That being said, I have daily, weekly and monthly backups configured to send backups to several network shares offsite. The share locations are set in the “filestore” configuration and they are automounted in fstab.

Backups are configured to email me (succeed or fail) when they run.

Normally, everything works like clockwork.

However, we recently had power problems that shut down the FreePBX machine. Upon rebooting it, I noticed after a few days that I wasn’t getting email notification of the backups.

So I logged into FreePBX and checked the backup settings. They all looked good. But no backups had been made since the date the power went out. So I did a “save and backup now” on my Daily backup and the backup went fine. Got the email, no problem.

Since I did that, all of the automatic backups have started working again (not just the Daily). Backups successful, emails sent.

This is not a big deal, practically speaking. But if it is just a matter of ticking the right box somewhere, I would like to fix it.



So after he network got fixed, there are no further problems ?

There was no problem with the network - the machine was on the network and working fine (except for backups) for two weeks after the power failure.

Its just that the automatic backups weren’t working.

Once I ran a manual backup (without changing any settings) then all of the automatic backups started working again.

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