Backup with FTP not working

I am running backup and restore module version and cannot get it to backup using FTP correctly. I have setup all of the credentials and paths correctly. It runs the backup just fine when set to local. However, when I attempt to backup via FTP server it creates a blank file in the FTP home directory of the user it is transferring under. Can anyone help me figure out why it runs the backup, creates a blank file but never transfers any data? The fact that it can create the blank file tells me permissions are fine.

As a test try to manually ftp a file from the FreePBX server to the remote server.

Okay I tested by sending an actual local backup to the server via FTP by command line. So, manually sending the file worked correctly. For what its worth I also noticed the file was sent through FTP in passive mode. I also have the mode set to passive in the backup module.

I would also like to add that I mounted a usb flashdrive to do backups to locally. However, the backups do not run at midnight. I have them set to run daily but they do not run. I can click save and run and they work just fine. However, they do not run as scheduled. Maybe the two problems are related?

Sounds like its something with your cron.

Do you see a cron being setup for it?

Can you tell me how to confirm? I checked webmin for scheduled cron jobs and there is a scheduled cron job to run daily at midnight.

It is set to run this command daily at midnight.
/var/lib/asterisk/bin/backup.php --id=2

Okay, I have confirmed that I have the Cron job scheduled. I can run a local backup and it work correctly. However, when I try to schedule it with FTP server all it does it create a blank file, ex 20120504-084644-1336139204-365574782.tgz with 0 byte size.

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