Backup v15 - not including call recordings

Hi All,

I am hoping some one can help.

I have just updated FreePBX from 14 to 15.0.29 - I did a complete backup before doing so including the CDR reports with a call recordings, this came to about 5gb.

Now I have upgraded, I wanted to take a back up straightaway. The Backup module has changed a bit but it is all self explanatory.

I set up a new back up task, this included all of the modules including CDR and call recordings, however they are not being backed up. My back up file is just 60Mb

I have tried running a back up task just for CDR and call recordings - but it is just 1.4Mb

Any ideas where I have gone wrong?
I haven’t purchased the call recording module, I just use the CDR report for call recordings.

Thanks in advance

Take note of step 4c at Backup and Restore FreePBX 15+ - PBX GUI - Documentation

Backing up the Call Recordings module does not back up the recordings themselves. You have to add the recording directory if you want them.