Backup Utility reports disk problems following V15 Distro Install

I image backup my PBX periodically using an Acronis 2018 bootable disk.
Following two installs of the V15 distro the utility complains that there are disk format errors and wants to only do a sector by sector backup rather than a data backup.
Is there a change of disk format associated with the new distro?
Is there a non-destructive linux rigorous disk checker?
Any other suggestions for creating full disk images out to my NAS?

If two bare-metal installs did the same thing, I personally would check the md5sum of the iso and if good then chuck the drive.

Two different computers. Application seems fine. Something changed from V14 partitions to V15 partitions.

Anyone else using Acronis (in my case 2018) boot CD to backup V15 disks?

Did you check the md5sum? That would also apply to your acronis iso/

No. Multiple copies of everything same results. md5sum issue is low percentage suspect.

Later update copy of Acronis still complains but did a better job of sector by sector update and the backup verified.

Likely some format change in OS disk formats that Acronis does not understand.

Then don’t rely on acronis (basically designed fo windozw) , a slower way is to use linux ‘dd’ on any live distro, but on a big disk it will take hours, but will copy bit by bit from device a to device b, if that is still a problem then there are numerous linux based iso’s like ‘clonezilla live’ will get the work done. But if your harddrive is still failing, then ‘replace it’ because that is likely your root cause

As I said, two computers multiple copies of Acronis same behavior. My questions above remain.

and my answer remains, Please try anything onto another harddrive, or you are avoiding the most likely problem.

Thank you.

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