Backup username

I’m trying to change the username for our nightly backup using the “Backup and Restore” plugin, but even though the new username is saved it is still trying to use the old username to connect via FTP. Where is this username stored so that I can change it?


if you are saying that you have changed the username in one of the backup sets and it is not retaining that name, then it sounds like a bug???

You may want to provide a few more details on how you are doing this and what version of FreePBX and the backup module since this changed recently.

Version is FreePBX

Backup module is the latest for that version.

Backing up via FTP.

I have another freepbx box using the same method, username, and password and it is working fine. But it did not have a backup job setup before.

The problem box was backing up to another server, which is being decommissioned, with a different username and password. I’m just trying to change the username and password. The GUI says it is changed, but my FTP logs still show it trying to use the old username.

I’ve deleted the job and re-added it. I’ve also tried a different job, but so far no go. Going to try removing the module and re-installing it.


Uninstalling the backup module and reinstalling did not fix the problem unfortunately.