Backup trunk for inbound route

Hello everyone.

I’m in the progress of configuring the DR scheme for the PBX system in a company. But I’ve got a problem with the configuration of a backup line to the carrier. The simplified scheme is in the attachment. The red line shows how the call is running to the carrier. The yellow line must be used when the ISP is not working on the Gateway 1 side.
The problem is how to use the backup trunk in the Inbound route. FreePBX lets me set up only one trunk as a destination. In a situation when ISP fails I have to change destination manually.
Have there any ways to use trunks order? Or maybe some other ways to automate this process.

Thank you.

I have no idea what you are trying to say here. You are saying inbound, but showing outbound routing.

Inbound routes don’t use trunks in any way from the GUI. The call simply arrives, unsolicited from the carrier, to the IP and port setup with the carrier for your PBX.

A single trunk only ever talks to a single carrier.

Sorry. It’s must be a problem with my English. I’ll try to explain in other words.
My question is about the configuration of the “Gateway 1” server.
When the call comes from the primary node, the inbound route on the gateway 1 server throws it to the trunk called “sipnet_test”. But if the “sipnet_test” is not accessible (let it be the problem with ISP), I want to throw the call to the other destination. Into the trunk to the “Gateway 2” server.
I’ve attached the picture of the inbound route configuration.

I suppose I will not be able to use FreePBX for this.
I need some sip proxy.

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