Backup to S3 filestore are not uploading

I have setup the filestore S3 backup and the local backup for my backup job.

But it never uploads backup to the S3 or not even try to attempt to.

Did you tell the backup job to upload/store on your S3 instance?

please check the latest backup job run.

It clearly shows that it’s trying to save the backup over the filestore S3 location but on S3 Bucket there is no backup.

I don’t think this is a problem with your phone system.

Check your S3 configuration.

With S3 buckets you need to make sure you are looking at the same zone as the one you are using to save your backup file to. If you switch zones in S3 it’ll show you all your files under the Amazon account in each zone separately and if you have no files saved in the Zone that you are checking in the AWS console then Amazon will show you nothing.

Yes get this sorted with the previous bucket.

it seems like the permissions issue.

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