Backup to Dropbox maximum file size?

A few days ago I noticed that my backups to Dropbox are failing. I get an error that it could not allocate enough memory. What is the maximum file size that you can transfer to Dropbox? Files are not about 800M. I have another small backup of only 50M that transfers with no issues.

up to 350G, subject to your account quota

The limitation is with PHP on the Freepbx server, not with Dropbox itself. I have enough space in my dropbox account for all the files I want to store. I think this may be related to the memory_limit directive for php, I am guessing that I have to increase the number until I can transfer the file in question.

I originally authored that module and with PHP 5.6 there was no limits that I ran into. There used to be a limit prior to PHP 5.6 but FreePBX 15 requires 5.6.

That says it uses

Which does chunked uploads so you’re not uploading the entire file at once but in multiple chunks.

In /etc/php.d/freepbx.ini I put: memory_limit=1024M and now the file uploads without any errors. Anything lower than the file size will throw the php error. I am using the lastest freepbx 15 with all upgrades applied.

I don’t know what the chunk size is off the top of my head. I would worry that that file might get overwritten by an update so you may want to create your own ini file in that folder that loads afterwards and then it will overload that setting. I believe it loads in alphabetic order so if you put something that’s zfreepbx.ini it should load last

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