Backup to Amazon S3 Failing?

When I attempt to backup to an amazon s3 bucket I am given the following error

Storing backup…
Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: S3::listBuckets(): [AccessDenied] Access Denied in file /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/ on line 375
Stack trace:

  1. Whoops\Exception\ErrorException->() /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/
  2. Whoops\Run->handleError() :0
  3. trigger_error() /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/
  4. S3->__triggerError() /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/
  5. S3->listBuckets() /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/
  6. FreePBX\modules\Backup\Backup->store_backup() /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/bin/backup.php:145

Any ideas?

maybe try run the fwconsole

Within amazon s3 you need to give your user permission to save files. Problem solved.

This seems to be an S3 permissions issue. That said feel free to file a bug at as we should be catching the dump and giving a “pretty error”