Backup/restore - What subsystems are used/affected?

Can anyone provide a list of programs/subsystems that the backup/restore function uses to work its magic? This way I can make sure that the passwords are the same across two systems. My guesses:

1.) Asterisk Manager
2.) MySQL
3.) FOP?

Any help would be appreciated,


I’ve made 100% reliable system backups using Clonezilla (free) which is awkward to use at first but pretty easy once you figure it out. I save a clone image of my server to my laptop across the network. The image is compressed and Clonezilla is smart enough to only save data. My images have 9 partitions and are overly complicated compared to a normal install. I’ve restored the same image to 7 other servers without one glitch. All users, passwords, extensions and the mysql database are restored perfectly.

A typical server has 3 partitions: /boot, / and the swap partition and is surprisingly small before you count the voicemails… A brand new install of PBX in a Flash which uses FreePBX, FOP2, Centos5.2, Asterisk 1.6, etc… only takes up about 3 GB of image space and takes about 7 minutes to save. A restore takes about the same amount of time.

So if you want a complete restorable snapshot of your server that can be restored and booted to any size drive as long as it’s the same size or bigger than the original than I recommend clonezilla.


Thanks for the tip, but I am familiar with the various disk imaging solutions out there. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option for me, because I need to migrate away from an old system, and I would like to use the backup/restore functionality to transfer various bits of the information, such as CDRs, etc. For this reason, I need to know what subsystems are used, so I can make sure that the passwords, etc behind the scenes are the same.


Have you tried to copy the backup to a machine with 7Zip? When you unzip the backup file, you will be able to see all the contents of what got backed up.
You may want to have the same version of modules on the old machine as the new before restoring.