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Backup/Restore voicemail on specific extensions

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(Bob Blevins) #1

Hi All ,
I’ve searched online but haven’t found to much out there . My question is this is there a way to backup / restore a handful of voicemail messages for a group of extensions? We currently delete all messages that are 30 days old automatically currently there was a request to have some extensions bypass the deleting process, also is there a way to restore specific extensions voicemail messages? We do nightly backups of the system / voicemail.
thanks in advance for your help !
firmware 10.13.66-20
Aterisk 11.25.3

(Dave Burgess) #2

Comedian Mail (which is the application that manages your voicemail) isn’t particularly well suited to getting messed with. Having said that, you can backup the call recording (in the voicemail directory tree). IIRC, though, the naming conventions used in Comedian Mail are less than awesome, as in, the file numbering is ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, and either fills in missing numbers or starting over at ‘1’ if the directory is empty (@dicko has written on this extensively in the past).

Basically, if you want to save the recordings, that’s doable, but you have to manage the filenames deliberately unless you are OK with recordings getting randomly overwritten.