Backup/Restore variable not working

I realized that ASTVARLIBDIR ASTSPOOLDIR and other variables are not working in the backup/restore module. They are properly set when I look in Settings => Advanced Settings.

Files are backed up and restored if I set the full path. FreePBX 14 with Backup/Restore module. Anyone ran into this issue ?


Can you follow these steps again. I hope this guide will help you.

  1. Log into the FreePBX web interface by visiting the IP address of your PBX.
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Backup & Restore .
  3. Click Backups and then New Backup .
  4. Choose a name and description for the backup , and enter an email address that will be notified when the backup is run.

These are the steps I already did. It is only the files that are not going through unless the full path is specified.

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