Backup & Restore to Asterisk v11

I am currently looking into what’s involved in transferring my existing FreePBX ( Asterisk 1.8 system up to the latest on new hardware.

I have downloaded and installed the latest ISO onto a fresh server (FreePBX (4.211.64-7) but this time I have put on Asterisk 11. I have taken one of the tar’s that’s generated on the live 1.89 systems Backup/Restore module and attempted to restore it onto the 4.21 system

This does not work. I select the file, it sits for 2-3 minutes then the page refreshes. No changes have taken place.

Is there more to this than what I’m reading elsewhere?


It should work fine. The FreePBX backup is backup independent.


Just got back to looking at this again. It still does the same.

I have noticed that the ISO install of FreePBX (4.211.64-7) installs all modules including commercial whether I have a licence for them or not whereas my current system does not have these. Would this cause a problem?

Just running through the restore again. I goto the restore module, select restore, point it to the zip file it sits for a minute then the page refreshes with nothing being done to the system.

My backup system is aserisk 1.8 however I am trying to restore to v11

It is not Asterisk dependent. Does the box pop up and show backup status if you do a save and run?

No, the box does not pop up

I don’t understand. The dialog box should be displayed as the restore executes.

Not sure how it is broken.

I’m still scratching my head with this. Tried it with Firefox and Chrome. With Chrome I see down the bottom Uploading… with the percentage in brackets. It gets to 100% and the page refreshes with no restore taking place.

As before I am going to Admin > Backup & Restore then clicking on Restore. I then click on Choose File and navigate to the file then click Go!

At this point I see the Uploading… in Chrome but the same with Firefox in that once it’s at 100% the page refreshes and that’s it.

I have just noticed a few of these in freepbx.log (they do not seem to be causing any other issues as everything seems to be working OK. Their entries do not tie in with attempted restore either.

[2013-Nov-25 11:24:41] [CRITICAL] (admin/bootstrap.php:135) - Connection attmempt to AMI failed

‘attmempt’ is how it’s spelt in the log!

I’ve just managed to apply a restore. THe only way I could get it to run was to upload the file to the new server via SSH and then tell the restore module to do a ‘Local’ restore. I had to create a local server and point it to the folder with the zip

THe file appeared and I was able to restore.

After the restore Asterisk reloaded with a lot of warnings that I’ve never seen before - Just to confirm - It’s OK to restore a full FreePBX based Asterisk 1.8 system to v11 - Restoring all of the /etc/asterisk files etc?


Yes, over and over. It must be same FreePBX version. Asterisk version does not matter.