Backup&Restore only restores some data

(Bogdan L) #1

When restoring a backup taken on another instance it fails to restore some things. It seems to work for extensions and users, but it doesn’t work for a whole lot of other things, like

  • cdr/cel database
  • announcements
  • music on hold
  • etc.

For all these I see lines like these in backup.log:

Processing cdr
The module cdr does not seem to support restores.

Processing cel
The module cel does not seem to support restores.

There’s even

Processing backup
The module backup does not seem to support restores.

which, funny as it is, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence to say the least.

Edit: the missing files seem to be there, in the backup archive. cdr and cel dumps are there, it just doesn’t use them

Edit1: module version is
| backup | | Enabled and up to date | GPLv3+ |

Here’s the log, with time and lines containing “Importing AstDB” removed to make it more readable:

What am I missing?

(Ted Mittelstaedt) #2

I run my FreePBX instance on a VM. When I want to back it up I just shut it down, shut down the VM instance, then backup the entire VM.

(Bogdan L) #3

Yes, I am aware of that procedure. It’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t want to restore the instance, I only want to restore the data/config.

(Bogdan L) #4

So far I found two things:

  1. /home/asterisk/.node/bin/npm-cache directory is symlinked to a file, …/lib/npm-cache/index.js instead of directory …/lib/npm-cache. Fixing it doesn’t fix the restore though.
  2. The restore works when executed from the command line as root, instead of the web page, which runs the restore as user asterisk. I’m not sure what running as root does to the permissions on all those files copied around as root.

(Itzik) #5

If your PBX is up to date, please report bugs at:

(Jared Busch) #6

Assuming that you are using fwconsole? Then it generally executes everything as the asterisk user.

Good idea is to execute fwconsole chown after any major changes like a restore to ensure everything if properly owned.

(Bogdan L) #7

Oh, that’s good, I didn’t know that, I’m new to this. Thank you

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