Backup/Restore module w/ PHP 5.1

Hello all,

Does anyone know whether the current latest released Backup/Restore module in FreePBX 2.10.x is fully compatible with PHP 5.1?

I need to get our clients up to PHP 5.3, but will unfortunately have to allow yum to kill the FreePBX install due to the fact that these boxes were originally AsteriskNOW pulling FreePBX from digium’s yum repositories. I have since excluded their yum repos from having the ability to update FreePBX (as recommended here:

However, RPM still thinks the digium-distributed FreePBX is installed & wants to rip it out when we yum remove php & then yum install php 5.3 (same is true when using the yum replace plug-in).

So I need a full backup of the FreePBX install/config so that after yum kills it & I reinstall it manually, I can get everything set back up like it was.

Thanks for your help!


If no one here knows, do you suppose it would be worth my time & money to purchase 30 minutes of support w/ Schomooze, or would they even know? I could always try to figure it out myself.