Backup&Restore Migration 16 -> 17 - Extentions convertet from pjsip to virtual

Hi, I’m trying to migrate from freepbx16 to 17.
I created an backup and restore it.
Looks good at all, except the extentions. They are now all “virtual” and doesn’t work. They are all chan_pjsip on freepbx16.
Any Ideas what I should/could do to get the phones working again except to re-create all new?


Can you reproduce this? It sounds like there may be a bug especially if you can do it repeatedly.

Thanks for your reply, and I bookmarked the issue tracker for (possible) future issues.
However, I think I have solved my problem.
I untared my backup and looked around, but could not find any information about my pjsip endpoints.
So I checked the modules and yes, there are some missing module updates including Backup&Restore. Updated it, ran backup again and now it includes: ./customdir/etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint.conf with endpoint informations.
I will try to import it later and see if it really works. But looks good to me.


Edit: did not work, I wil lcreate an github issue