Backup+Restore from SNG7 from to new Debian 12 with up2date install non working trunks?

Hi there,
as the title says, I am trying to migrate our setup from the current SNG7 installation to a fresh installation I made based on the new Debian 12 with the installer script.

I made a backup from the old instance and imported it to the new instance.

Seems it went smooth, except the trunks won’t be connecting.
Even on the dashboard they seem to not be there really on the FreePBX Statistics.
In fact here it states Trunks online 0 and Trunks offline 0

fwconsole trunks show
will show the 2 trunks NOT being disabled…

Any idea here?

Were they pjsip or chan_sip trunks?

The installer loads asterisk 21 by default which does not include chan_sip.


and in advanced settings:

I recommend changing that to PJSIP in advanced settings.

Use fwconsole convert2pjsip to convert your extensions from chan_sip to pjsip.

And rebuild your trunks as pjsip.

It sounds like a lot but should probably take very little time.

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Thanks, will try ASAP

@lgaetz @cdolese this may be worth noting or putting in bold letters on the blog post to make sure people are using pjsip

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We’ve been discussing this today. My current thinking is to always abort restores with chan_sip components to systems with ast 21+ and provide new command line params to convert extensions and ignore chan sip trunks.

Wouldn’t this require users to completely migrate away from chan_sip prior to using backup/restore? Wouldn’t it be better to automatically convert the technology during the restore process? At least for the extensions, I understand you can’t just automagically convert chan_sip trunks to pjsip.

If the goal is to get users to upgrade and start using pjsip, preventing restores I think would dissuade many people.

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I think doing it automagically could elicit confusion. If it were possible as part of the backup/restore process it should be opt-in with explicit messaging about what is going to happen and where the result can be found (PJSIP configuration).

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My post above was more vague than intended. With the proposed addition of new command line switches for the restore process, the admin can explicitly define that they wish to have chan_sip extensions auto converted during the restore process, and chan_sip trunks specifically excluded from the restore. Otherwise, abort the restore, and the admin has the option of downgrading asterisk before attempting another restore.


The whole motivation behind reworking backup was to let modules handle their own data. This is a great example of why that’s handy. I think that the ideal of erroring out and allowing them to pass A flag to auto convert makes perfect sense here.

Hi there!
I got it to work :slight_smile:
What I had to do is remove the trunks, and rebuild them from scratch.

Still they would not show up at all, what helped then:
fwconsole r
fwconsole restart

Now trunks connected, working fine!

catching up on this , we have fwconsole convert2pjs which works very well but does not impact trunks and i dont believe there is a clean way to automate

not sure where this landed - james had a good idea , lorne had a good idea

i think the best approach at the moment is to convert and test prior to migration …
long term some backup options to simply deal with it would be nice and for 17+

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