Backup/restore Freepbx 14 to 16 with Vega Gateway Manager for PRI Gateway


I am planning to do a Freepbx upgrade from 14 to 16 - Backup and restore method on a new server. We have a PRI trunk for which we use the Vega 200G PRI gateway that was configured using the Vega Gateway Manager on Freepbx.

Both the freepbx servers are going to be on the same subnet during the time of backup/restore. Anybody have experience with this with freepbx upgrading when Vega gateway module is involved? What issues, if any showed up? How did you fix it?

I am concerned if restoring the vega manager data on the new server will affect the vega manager link between the old server and the Vega 200G. I don’t want the calls to be affected before the cutover.

Also, as the vega 200G PRI gateway is already configured and has the required configuration, do I really need the vega gateway manager on the new server?


Hi @dsubs

Vega mgmt module is not supported in 16 / PHP 7.4 as of now.

If gateway is already configured, up and running then you can take backup of Vega gateway configuration from the gateway directly for your future usage if needed.

As Gateway is already up and running so you can directly connect gateway to PBX 16. PBX 16 you do not need Vega gateway management or reconfiguration of the gateway.


Maybe as it is 2022, you guys should should think of fixing that, php 5.6 is long EOL as of 2018, no?

Its not just only 7.4 compatibility, there are other improvements/things also which we have to plan to fix in Vega gateway mgmt module.

I would take that to Sangoma, it’s not “open source”


Is there a way I can exclude vega management module data from Freepbx backup?


You shouldn’t need to exclude anything from the backup. The restore process should just skip over any config in the backup for modules that are not installed.

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