Backup & Restore Feature Idea

Just an idea.

Currently, backup and restore limits you to restoring to the same version of FreePBX (more specifically, 32 bit must be restored to 32 bit, 64 bit must be restored to 64 bit). As FreePBX matures, and people either need to rebuild a machine to stay current (since the CentOS distribution might not provide an upgrade path, yet FreePBX might require a later version of CentOS in order upgrade, or they might need to replace an existing system), it might be a good idea to have the restore utility check the back up it is restoring from to determine whether it was made from a 32 bit or 64 bit machine. That way, it could be designed to restore to the new machine using the proper directory trees, and greatly simplifying the restore/upgrade process.


The only things that has to be modified when going from 32 bit to 64bit is the /etc/asterisk file. Very trivial. As far as checking the Centos version that would be useless. FreePBX does not care about the underlining operating system.

I meant checking whether it was 32 bit or 64 bit.

I agree it is trivial to modify the file, however, many people might not think to do that, or even check. If, upon a restore, the module checked whether or not the backup was made on a 32 or 64 bit installation, and then determined what type of installation it was being restored to (32 bit or 64 bit), it could be made to automatically make the required modifications to the /etc/asterisk file, greatly speeding and simplifying the restore and/or upgrade process. This could prove especially useful in a situation where someone restoring from a failed machine might be rushing to get a new system up and running.

I’m not certain how much coding it would require, but I thought it might make backups and restores more foolproof and major upgrades easier.