Backup / restore failing from 14->15 "could not find driver"

anyone know how to get around this?

Backup module ver?

fwconsole ma list | grep backup

| backup | | Enabled | GPLv3+ |

Looks like it’s something to do with the PDO driver(??) - when I do

php -r 'print_r(PDO::getAvailableDrivers());'

I just get

[0] => mysql

I’ve just run

sudo apt install php7.0-sqlite3
sudo systemctl restart apache2

and now I’ve got

[0] => mysql
[1] => sqlite

attempting another restore!

Cool! Looks like doing an apt-get upgrade now sorts out the GPG keys issue!? well done! @lgaetz am I correct this has been added in last day or so?

hmmm - can it be right that a backup does not backup or restore /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf ?

This is despite __ASTETCDIR__ being included in the backup (have just checked). Just doesn’t seem to have successfully reimported from 14 to 15

The *custom.conf files are currently not included in backups, there is an open ticket on this.

ah, another little blip - the restore has not transferred over the FMFM initial ring time correctly - for some extensions it’s set it to ‘0’ which results in calls failing. Should I raise this as a bug (issue)?

Yes, please.

done !

@lgaetz I can’t find it. Can you show me where it is?

This has since been fixed, please see Backup & Restore FreePBX 15+ – Adding support for custom files or directories

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