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Hi all.

I have installed freepbx version 15 on a rapberry pi 4 model B.
I want to ask if it is normal that the duration to restore is approximately an hour?
here i am attaching a screenshot, from this moment i had to wait an half hour or more i think before the restore was completed.CaptureRaspbxbackup

This is like the question, “How long is a piece of string?” The restore will take as long as the data you have to restore (highly variable) and the system resources you have (limited with a Pi)

An hour sounds reasonable to me if you have CDR/CEL records in the restore. I’ve seen restores take several hours on MUCH more capable hardware.

thank you for your reply. I had asked the question because it seemed that the raspberry pi was searching online, if you look at the picture I have attached. So had started doubting it. And if it is normal, that means in case of downtime it will take like an hour restoring a backup. That can be very critical

No conversation with the word critical involves a Raspberry Pi.


hmm okay. So it should be safe using a raspbx.
thank you

FYI Raspberry Pis, over many writes, are notorious for SD card corruption. This could impact uptimes.

FWIW, if I was using a Rasp Pi in any fashion as my phone system, I think my backup would be a shut down, removal of the sd-card and then image it on my PC. Or use a pi 4 with a bootable hard drive then use the back up/restore feature of FreePBX. But again, a restore might take some time! Backups, for me on Celeron devices, have been pretty quick but restores a bit more time consuming.

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A lot of physical work when rsync will do. Several scripts out there to create and backup to a remote image file.

My Pi’s servers back up to local usb media that can quickly become bootable with one file rename and a remote image file ready to burn to media sd/usb if needed.

Dozens of Pi’s, 4 years of history, terabytes of writes and no corrupt media. We’ve never had to go to backup for corruption problems.

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