Backup ok but no directory "backups" in "var/lib/asterisk/"


I can make backup and restore, all are ok.
I want to download my backup file for grab it on a cd-rom.
So I look this :
And I go to “var/lib/asterisk/” but there isn’t directory “backups”, why? is it normal?

I try, too, to find the directory by Windows and share directory…but it’s idem I can’t find the directory “backups”


TrixBox FreePBX 2.4.0

The directory is not on your windows box but on the trixbox in that directory.

Trixbox 2.6.0.x is plagued with issues so it is totaly possible that it does not work. ( and ISO did not install properly, ISO has Zaptel issues, people still complainabout things and they never incremented the version number on the ISO so we don’t know which version you really installed as all 4 of those versions say in the web ui.