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What do I include in the Freepbx 15 backup to get everything (custom destinations, IVRs, sounds etc). Without templates there is no direction on what to backup. I have backed up using the following

But IVR’s and system recordings and custom sounds aren’t restored.

Any Ideas.

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What version are you on?

Custom Sounds:


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just did a yum upgrade and fwconsole ma upgradeall to both systems before backup/restore and still no IVR or custom sounds. If I try and install backup in edge mode it says the version are the same.

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The sounds could be moved over in one go via SSH. If possible, it may be more time-effective to just copy the custom recording files.

Regarding the IVR, If the original and new servers are on the correct distro/module versions, and you still cannot perform the restore, I recommend connecting with Sangoma and opening a bug report (you can reference the reports above in yours).

Lastly it may be worth browsing the older posts to see if you can find anything.

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Same thing every time. Go to edge mode and upgrade. Does not work. Is there any place that will tell me what directory variables are available? (i.e. ASTETCDIR)

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I would open a bug report/contact support. There may be answers that come along, but Sangoma will be most knowledgeable.

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