Backup info.... Minimum needed to recover

I’m using the latest distro on a hosted VM with little space.

Ideally, I’d like to backup to email so that in the event of a major problem I can just rebuild the VM, restore the backup and have all the configuration back as it was. Extensions, trunks, inbound and outbound routes, etc.

I can;t seem to ascertain what exactly a “full backup” is in the backup section.

Can someone tell me what to use in the backup GUI to get everything needed other than voicemail recordings, call recordings etc. Those are acceptable losses in this install. I’ve only got a handful of extensions and a few inbound routes and 2 outbound. I assume all this should be able to be done well under Gmails 25Mb limit?


You just need the “Config backup” which is basically the sqlite3 astdb and the mysql asterisk database.

To “figure out” what is included in the “full backup” just read the list of “Backup Items” that will be “included” :wink:

Thanks much, I’ll just do the config backup then, much obliged…