Backup from CLI , gui not working Sangoma Linux 7

Hi, I’m new to Free PBX , disk on server have some bad sectors, and fwconsole not working PHP problem, GUI not working, only CLI. I have some knowing about Linux and I want to download backup to local computer but I don’t know commands and how to do it

Welcome to FreePBX. My suggestion is for you before ask any question make a search at the Forum. I think you can find your question answer easy. Because i did same search for you.

Pls read below wiki.

Thank you, i didn’t find that wiki

I see that this is for fwconsole, I dont have working fwconsole only other options

Does the backup already exist from before the crash? If so, you should be able to retrieve it using sftp.

Check this folder, /var/spool/asterisk/backup if you have any backup you shoud see there some Folders with backup.tgz file.

I found backup, but don’t know how to download to usb drive

use a sftp client like FileZilla to connect by sftp to your server with user root, change to the directory in your screenshot and download the files

Thank you, I will try, Best wishes

It worked, best for all, Thank you

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