Backup file retention

We have some 100+ installations of FreePBX, and backup configs to an FTP server. We are finding that V14 is able to remove old backups and maintain the 3 versions specified in the backup job, but v15 & v16 do not clean up after themselves.

We are backing up to a Windows box running Filezilla server. Anyone come across this beofre or know of a fix?

15+ has a retention setting too. If it is set and not being honored that’s a bug.

Yes, it is set to 3 backups and 7 days, neither of which apply, and the same issue on all v15 and v16 servers. It is using FTPS (which is a change from the old server) but have tried with straight FTP as well, results are the same. How do I go about reporting a bug

Currently the bugs are here in the forums @kgupta @lgaetz

I will add to this that my personal experience has been that V14 was terrible (ie not working at all) at respecting retention settings for backups to S3 but V15 and V16 has worked flawlessly for us. :person_shrugging:t3:

We were able to successfully use a backup retention setting in both FreePBX 14 and then again with FreePBX 16. I would suggest that you check the permission settings on the FTP server that you are using to save the backups to. If the FTP user does not have permissions to delete a file in the FTP directory then there is your problem.

Uses the same account for working and non-working backups. Probably 25 v14’s all working and respecting the retention settings, then the other 75+ v15 & 16, all failing to clean up. V strange. I’ll fire up the old server and see if it was the same on there or whether this is new to the Windows/Filezilla change from a linux FTP.

So, looks like the old linux server was working fine on all versions, so must be a Windows/Filezilla issue.

Same thing happened to me. I was running a backup to Filezilla on Windows. Worked perfectly. Then I updated Filezilla to a much newer version. Now the backups do not get deleted. FPBX is attempting to run a command that is no longer supported (according to the quick research I did) I’ll try and find it. until then, I just setup a powershell script to clean up the old backups every so often.

That might be this bug:

It may be good for someone to upgrade flysystem which is the underlying manager for filestore. They are using the 1.x branch, 16 can bump to the 2.x branch and 17 the 3.x branch which I am sure fixes quite a bit.

If anyone qants to take it on…

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