Backup exclusions not working

I’m backing up the /tftpboot directory but the exclusions don’t seem to work. Is something wrong with my syntax?

I was also hoping to exclude some of the module files to reduce size but that’s not working either:

I have tried your syntax for excluding files and it works okay for me. What version of the Backup and Restore module are you using, if memory serves, there were some improvements published around the exclude feature with the last month or so.

What version did you try it on?

Ahh, tried again and it seemed to work this time. Maybe the “And Run” button backed up with the settings pre-apply…

*gpg and *tgz files aren’t backed up at all. They’re silently excluded from the backup because we know for a fact that they’re unneeded when restoring.

I’m guessing you’d somehow missed an update. That fix went in at about 12.0.16 or so, if I remember correctly.