Backup and Restore Voicemail Only from Pbxact 12 to 16?

I am trying to backup and restore voicemail only to a new system and it’s not working for me. I backup the voicemail by dragging it over and the backup is successful. When I upload the backup file and restore it, no data pulls over. Any thoughts on how to do this properly?

Just copy the folders/files from one server to the other :slight_smile:

I can’t do this with the backup module? I’ve tried and get 0 data

No backup module. Why can’t you just copy the folders (to a hard drive, then drop them in the appropriate folder on the new server?

I can test that but wasn’t understanding why the backup module doesn’t work.

You’d have to engage with Sangoma to figure it out, I’d imagine. Does the backup actually have the missing data in it? If not, its a backup problem, if yes, might be a restore issue. I think it’s possible but cannot remember if 12 is compatible with 16 for backup restore.

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