Backup and Restore Module Broken Post-FreePBX Version Upgrade

Today we upgraded our FreePBX version from 14 to 15.0.16.

The upgrade went smoothly, except once it was done, the Backup & Restore module needed to be updated. Trying to update it to the latest version threw errors, so I tried uninstalling it and installing it fresh, but I continue to see the same behaviour when I was trying to update the module.

When I try to update it in the web interface, I receive this screen briefly:
which then turns to this screen after a few seconds:

The error that displays in that window reads: “Cron line added didn’t remain in crontab on final check. Check /tmp/cron.error for reason.” However when I check /tmp/cron.error, the file is empty, so it’s of no help.

I’ve tried checking crontabs for various users that might be causing an issue, but I can’t find anything that might cause an issue as far as I can tell. Any advice or help here would be appreciated so I can get the module installed :slight_smile:

v15 is still Beta. It can have some bugs in it. I would suggest looking at the issue tracker to see if this is reported and known.

V15 is beta? I saw the updater module was ready to run but I didn’t see anything in the description with it warning that the upgrade is a beta version. I was going to run it tonight but I’m going to hold off now. Would there have been any warning that it was a beta version before the install?

It was announced as Beta in April.


Thanks. Like many, I only have time to read a fraction of what’s posted but as long as I would have been warned first I’d have been OK. I was planning the update tonight after hours so you’ve just freed up my weekend.

They’ve actually confirmed that this is not a bug and to try posting to the forums for help or buy paid support, so I’m still stuck atm.

That’s going to be the problem, right? Backup & Restore was completely overhauled in v15. Looking at the source from v14 and older and the source for v15 you’ll notice a difference. There is more added to v15 and some of the old files from previous versions are gone. So that means their functions, etc have either been removed or moved to new structures. As v15 is still Beta the amount of users in the community using it will be very low and the amount of those that understand the coding and structure of the new updates even lower.

The other possibility is that there really isn’t a bug in Backup & Restore but a bug or issue some where else. This error is showing that it can’t map the type mysql which is sounding like where ever the code is looking for the mysql details they are either not there or something is wrong with the details.

Have you reviewed everything on the system? Do you have issues updating any other modules, etc?

Try removing and re-installing it from bash

fwconsole ma uninstall backup
fwconsole ma delete backup
fwconsole r
fwconsole ma downloadinstall backup --force
fwconsole r

No other issues at all with anything, everything else is working perfectly.

Not sure what else exactly to review to try to determine where the issue lies.

I’d actually already tried this method, but didn’t try with the --force flag.

Same results as doing it in the GUI unfortunately.

However, I’ve deleted and recreated cron.error with different permissions and now cron.error contains the following every time I try to install the module:

“-”:25: bad day-of-week
errors in crontab file, can’t install.

Stack trace + cron.error seems to suggest that an incorrect cron line is trying to be added somewhere, this error seems like it’s missing a number? I’ve tried manually adding the cron line with an extra * or number, but no dice.

It looks like backup module is failing to upgrade during the step migrating the existing backups. What is the output from the following:

fwconsole m
select * from backup_details where `key` like "cron%";

Here’s the output:

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Issue reproduced and ticket updated with details:

You can wait for the bug to be addressed so you can upgrade, or if you want to just lose your existing backup jobs and recreate them in 15 you can do the following:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall backup --tag 
fwconsole ma delete backup 
fwconsole ma downloadinstall backup

edit - fixed by upgrading to v.

Awesome, I deleted my old backups and installed the module without any issue.

Thanks a bunch for your help :slight_smile:

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To clarify, there was no such confirmation in the ticket. There was insufficient information provided to determine the cause, and there was no method to reproduce it. In cases like this, the reporter is encouraged to open a thread here in order to get a discussion going with the hope of narrowing down the cause.

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