Backup and Restore from Trixbox 2.6.X

Hey Guys just been doing some testing using the FreePBX backup and tried to restore into the FreePBX ISO and got all kinds or problems.

I guess it was a long shot for a migration path but is there a better way to do that that will actually work?

We have a number of TB’s that I’m looking to migrate and looking for the easiest way to do it.

Thanks in advance.

With all the hacking trixbox did it is very hard to update a forked trixbox.

It is easier to simply downgrade the new system to 2.6 then just run install_amp again on 2.9

You best bet would probably be to upgrade the Trixbox systems to the same version of FreePBX running on the distro (2.9rc1?), back THAT up and then try the restore.

I have a PBX running Trixbox with asterisk 1.4.22-3 and FBX 2.5 and have adopted the attitude if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, however, I feel the time has come to bite the bullet and go to the new distro on this hardware.

Given all the problems that have occurred after the trixbox fork and the pretty complex setup I have on the trixbox I am thinking that the only viable way to do this without too much downtime is to manually re-create the system on my test box that has the most up-to-date version of the distro loaded, then back it up, take down the trixbox, load the fbx distro and restore the backup from the test box to the production box.

This of course is far from ideal as its a lot of work and prone to errors so would like to hear comments,suggestions and ideas on how I might be able to get a backup from the trixbox that I might be able to restore to a box installed with thee new distro.


I will reiterate the commend I made above and make it even simpler.

Install the FreePBX distro and go download an old 2.5 tarball.

Remove the asterisk database from mysql

Install the 2.5 FreePBX tarball (make sure to run the database creation scripts)

Restore the backup from trixbox machine (you need to make sure you are using the FreePBX 2.5 Backup and Restore tool on the tribxox)

Make sure everything is running OK

Run the FreePBX 2.9 install_amp, it will upgrade the DB scheme and migrate all your modules from 2.6 back to 2.9.


Followed your suggestions but have run into a problem when I try to install the 2.5.1 tarball. I get the error message:

Checking for Asterisk version…[FATAL] Asterisk 1.2, 1.4, or 1.6 is required for this version of FreePBX. Detected version is:

Looks as if FPBX 2.5.1 will not run on asterisk 1.8.

I am wondering if to load something like asterisknow that that uses asterisk 1.6 and FPBX 2.7 (I think) and downgrade that from FPBX 2.7 to FPBX 2.5.1 and restore the trixbox backup there. Once I have done that I think I should be able to upgrade to FPBX 2.9 and make a backup which I can then restore to the FreePBX distro. Does that sound sensible reasoning?

Actually, for this scenario, since we are not going to run 2.5 in production we simply need to get it going to be able to upgrade the trix backup.

Certainly you could build a AsteriskNow system in a VM and use it to do the DB migrations. You could even use a trix 2.6.04, key is to use a PreFork version.

Since at some point all the trix users are going to come to their sense and realize they are hosed I will come up with a hack that allows FreePBX 2.5 to load on an Asterisk 2.8 system. It won’t be pretty but it will get everyone where they need to be.

If I get time tomorrow I will try the AsteriskNow approach, however, crude as it might be a hack to run 2.5 with asterisk 1.8 would be the best approach.

I guess there are many people out there like myself who have hung on to the wounded Trixbox on the principle that if it works don’t bother it, but now FPBX is forging ahead and asterisk 1.8 is stable we have to move on to something that is well supported and will not be a great pain to upgrade in the future.

thanks for your help Scott.

I took the AsteriskNow path and loaded the Distro on a test box. I downgraded FreePbx to 2.5 and restored the FreePbx backup taken from the Trixbox. Horror upon horrors the backup re-trixed FreePbx, it went green and what was there was unusable, many things were wrong.

I then loaded the Trixbox 2.2.3 Distro on the test box, loaded the FreePbx backup module onto this new install and restored the production Trixbox backup, everything fine, true and accurate.

I then Googled around and found several people who had de-trixed FreePbx and upgraded to a de-trixed FreePbx 2.6, after following what they had done the GUI was still green but otherwise everything was pretty much OK. I then used the upgrade tools and upgraded to FreePbx 2.9 one version at a time.

Everything was in pretty good shape so I backed up the FreePbx 2.9 version and restored this to a box with a brand new install of the latest version of the FreePbx Distro. A few problems showed up on the status page and I was quickly able to get over most of these. I am left with two problems:

There were a few modules on the Trixbox that are not compatible with FreePbx 2.9, these are now showing as broken and try as I might I can’t get rid of them. Any ideas?

The Trixbox had the default Asterissk Manager Password. I have tried to change this in Advanceed Options and in the manager.conf and amportal.conf but have not succeeded, the only password that works is the amp111 default. Again any ideas.

I am now going through module by module and have found a few very minor things that I have been able to correct without problems.

It was rather long winded but achieved the required result. If anyone has found an easier way would really like to hear about it!