Background image under VLAN missing, why?

I migrated my Sangoma S500 phones to a VLAN. Now, the corporate background image no longer appears. Instead, the Sangoma default background image is displayed. I suspect that the image is still being called and directed to the non-VLAN IP address. May I know how I would fix this in EPM?

Is the PBX in the same VLAN ?

If it is you may need to reconfigure EPM global settings

If not you need to check connectivity to the PBX provisioning url:port

The PBX is on the main VLAN (i.e. 0)

Since it isn’t on the same VLAN as the desk phones, where do I find this in FreePBX? Then, what do I have to do? Change it to VLAN 2? VLAN 2 is where the phones are.

The call quality is perfect after moving to their on VLAN.

Based on what I see, when the phones provision, they all go to the main VLAN to successfully provision.

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